10 gift ideas from the Kabuto Christmas sack

10 gift ideas from the Kabuto Christmas sack

Jingle bells! The Kabuto team has some great ideas in their Christmas sack. We’ve come up with both smart gift ideas and good bleisure ideas that you probably haven’t come across before.


To find the best smart gifts for travelers, we thought about your greatest allies. Smartphones, computers, suitcases, airplanes - your travelling companions that become your worst enemies at times.

Let's start with your multiple chargers, so often forgotten, lost, never-to-be-found. What a source of unnecessary stress! Do you recall the state you get yourself into when you have to go through your suitcase again and again in search of them? Why not ask someone to give you a cable storage case, such as the Ugreen one, both trendy and practical?

Let's talk about batteries now. What is more stressful than the appearance of that little ‘low battery’ sign when you arrive at the airport? It’s time to take possession of a connected cabin suitcase. Treat yourself. Ask Santa Claus for the smartest Kabuto suitcase with a removable battery, a fingerprint locking system, a laptop compartment and 4 silent wheels.

Next subject; noise, one of your biggest enemies when traveling. Have you ever tried the Bose noise canceling headphones? This is the ideal smart gift to make your waiting time as pleasant as possible whether it be spent working or relaxing.

Now onto sleep. Your nights are often of poor quality due to jetlag and stress. Who’s heard of the Dodow? A small and simple device that applies the notions of sophrology. With the Dodow, the time it takes you to fall asleep or to go back to sleep is divided by 2.5! What’s more important than decent sleep?


In terms of bleisure gifts, the possibilities are vast! We have found six relaxing activities that shouldn’t leave you indifferent. Six gift ideas to entertain you when on your business trips.

How about a 3 hour guided tour to discover the New York of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte? Were you a fan of the Sex And The City series? This gift is for you: visit the series’ legendary locations. A girls’ day out!

Now for a more sporty and masculine finding. Why not visit the Santiago-Bernabéu Stadium? Ask for a behind the scenes tour of the Real Madrid stadium. From the field to the presidential box, through the changing rooms and the pressroom, you will be nothing but impressed.

Heading to Tokyo soon? This is your chance to request a crazy gift! The Tokyo Robot Restaurant Japanese Cabaret Show is a unique experience. Robots, samurai and ninjas up against a background of techno music and neon lights should amaze you.

If you are often in London, Les Misérables is the musical that must be seen. Already viewed by more than 51 million people across the world, the show resumes, this month, at the Sondheim Theater in London, with its new production.

For thrill seekers, we’ve found a way to discover Dubai from a new angle: a balloon ride over the desert.

Finally, if heading to the Far North, we recommend a well-being gift in Montreal. In the heart of the winter, after a long day of work, why not enjoy a massage experience at the Bota Bota spa, on the waterfront, down at the Old Port of Montreal?


Here is the recap of the 10 gift ideas specially unearthed by Kabuto for this year’s Christmas:

1. A Ugreen cable storage case €€

2. A smart Kabuto Suitcase €€€

3. The latest generation Bose noise cancelling headphones €€€

4. A Dodow sleep regulator €€

5. The visit of the cult locations of Sex and the City in New York €€

6. An evening at the Tokyo Robot Restaurant in Tokyo €€

7. Real Madrid’s Santiago-Bernabéu Stadium Tour €€

8. Les Misérables at the Sondheim Theater in London €€ - €€€

9. A hot air balloon flight in Dubai €€€

10. A massage at the Bota Bota Spa on the waterfront in Montreal €€ - €€€

Ideas that give ideas, to be transferred rapidly to your family Santa Claus, for you or your loved ones.


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