A relaxing spa to recover from the marathon of festivities

A relaxing spa to recover from the marathon of festivities

There are those who having recovered from the New York Marathon are now busy preparing themselves for Paris. And then there’s you, the business traveler, who dashes from capital to capital all year round, never having the time to truly recover.

And if you were to allow yourself a little break before New Year’s Eve? Let us take you on a tour of your favorite capitals and fill you in on the best spas just waiting to offer you a wellness moment before you get drinking champagne!

Sensory fitness in a western capital

To satisfy your bleisureness, we went hunting for small and charming addresses rather than the well-known spas of hotel chains. We identified three concepts that promise an experience around meaning, nature or time.

  • A journey through time and water in New York, Chicago or Barcelona

The spa AIRE Ancient Baths has made its home in renovated historical industrial
buildings, allowing you to live the seaside tradition of Roman, Greet and Ottoman ancient civilizations. In a timeless place, a succession of pools leads you into a state of optimal relaxation that balances body and mind.

  • Japanese-inspired treatment in San Francisco

The Kabuki Springs and Spa has been an institution dedicated to balance, well being and inner calm for more than 50 years. In the great tradition of Japanese sentos, this exceptional establishment transforms bathing into a lifestyle. After the pleasure of the baths, enjoy the refined treatments that communicate with the mind, the body and the soul so as to continue nursing your business traveling stress. You will be transported into a state of complete well being.

  • A tropical break in the middle of the Parisian urban jungle

The Six Senses Spa group, known for its commitment to the protection of the
environment, has successfully imported its concept of intelligent luxury into the heart of Paris. Over two levels, the spa is bathed in light and decorated with wood, stone and lush vegetation. Six Senses treatments are delivered in individual handcrafted cocoon shaped cabins. Surrounded by nature, let yourself escape from urban agitation.

  • Take your senses, your body and your soul to London, Paris, or Madrid

The committed and responsible English cosmetics brand Lush, offers poly sensory experiences across its beauty centers. Treatments are provided in a positively mood transforming atmosphere. Marine decor, birdsong, sea mist, lavender scent … The unique composition of the 3 Lush Spa packages – Tailor Made, The Good Hour and Synaesthesia – awaken all your senses. An original experience that can be equally enjoyed in the Lush Spas of Hongkong and Tokyo.

Body and mind care according to Asian rites

Let’s head eastwards. In this haven of wellness rituals, it seemed obvious to us to look for traditional establishments. We offer three natural and traditional experiences so as tomake you fully experience body and mind care the Oriental way.

  • Nature is the best healer in Singapore

The Aramsa Garden Spa offers total immersion within the heart of lush greenery. The contemporary designed treatment rooms open out onto a beautiful garden. The treatments use natural remedies issued from organic land and sea extracts. You will be transported elsewhere through unique experiences that will work wonders on the body and the mind according to traditional Asian values.

  • Tokyo hot springs

To fully experience Japanese well being, we invite you to try out a traditional
establishment that has Onsen, the famous hot springs. The Spa Laqua located in Tokyo Dôme City has two swimming pools, which draw their water from 1700m under the city. A little further away, in the popular district of Asakusa, you can sample an even more authentic experience. Head for the Jakotsuyu Kuroyu, renowned for its black water baths (kuro-yu). Safe from tourists, enjoy the public baths in pure Japanese style. Important details: English speaking staff and tattoos are tolerated.

Wellness and urban detox another way

In Hong Kong, the curious could be tempted by two completely different and very original methods, both just as positive for the body and the mind.

  • Escape in a meditation bubble

What if alternative care had something to do with Hong Kong’s longevity record? There’s an idea that could tempt you to test “floating”. In Soho, the Float On spa will immerse you in a meditation bath. You will step into a bubble of hot water filled with Epsom salts, where you will float effortlessly, thanks to the absence of the force of gravity. Completely isolated from external stimuli, you will enter into a state of absolute relaxation. Floating has positive effects on pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, performance, creativity and jet lag.

  • Precious care

Last but not least… to get into the glitter and champagne ambiance of the coming days, why not treat yourself to a precious massage with hot jade stones and a rose quartz mask? The Elu Spa offers this luxurious experience for a healthy and youthful effect, just before the holidays. The new establishment has just opened its doors in Soho.

It’s now time for us to wish you a wonderful detox and relaxation experience, a well- deserved break from traveling and a happy new year!



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