Black or Green Friday ?

Black or Green Friday ?

At Kabuto November 29th is a GREEN day! Followers of tech for good, we are also incredibly sensitive to the concept of reasoned and responsible consumption. This philosophy is at the heart of our project.

We create quality suitcases designed to last a long time. And we want to make life easier for smart travelers keen on preserving their planet. But while digging out information about the origins of Black Friday, we came to understand that, in its country of origin, this commercial event also has a social and cultural dimension.

There are several versions of the origins of “Black Friday” in the USA. A commercial boost following the Depression of the 1930s? Bosses feeling down due to pre-Thanksgiving absenteeism? Or malls overcrowded with people wanting to see Santa Claus?
Whatever the legend, Black Friday has existed for a very long time. And it is inseparable from the traditional Thanksgiving meal. More than a commercial event, it is a family ritual that prolongs the party.
But, this cultural aspect is non-existent on our continent. Launched in Europe less than 10 years ago, Black Friday is a purely commercial event. Major retailers imported it from America so as to boost sales at a calm period of the year. Without measuring the social and environmental impact of the overconsumption generated.

The Black Friday race

Barely arrived in Europe, Black Friday gave birth to Cyber Monday, so as to extend the weekend’s online bargains. Over the years, it has even become more like a Black Week.
In France, e-merchants have followed the American trend by creating their own national Black Friday. Since 2018, French Days have been created around April 27th and September 27th.
We’re sure you’ll agree, it was necessary to create Green Friday before the Chinese Singles’ Day arrives in Europe!

Kabuto becomes a member of the “Make Friday Green again” collective

You can now understand why Kabuto has joined the 450 brands that will not be part of Black Friday this year in France. The goal of this collective, created by the Faguo brand is not simply a commercial boycott. It is a wish to participate in the restoration of reasoned and responsible consumption. We are against pushing for overconsumption and overproduction; two elements that make employment precarious and contribute to climate change. We are for reasoned consumption of long-lasting products by recyclable brands, at fair prices.
That’s why, we invite you, with us, on Friday November 29th, to enjoy a green day:

  • go through your cupboards to resell or recycle the things you do not want anymore
  • buy if you want, but reasonably and at the right price
  • take part in Green Friday 2019 eco-friendly events near you


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