Blend bleisure moments into your business trip: our top tips

Blend bleisure moments into your business trip: our top tips

Suitcases, taxis, flights, meetings, hotels…you love your work life but you wouldn’t say no to chilling out from time to time.

Whilst away on a business trip, who wouldn’t just love to be able to stroll around a fashionable area, get a glimpse of 2 or 3 works of art or visit the city’s not-to-be-missed monument?  How can you possibly fit these bleisure moments into your overly busy diary? It’s actually incredibly easy. Art and culture need to come to you. They need to be in the one place where you always have time to spare: the airport of course!

When waiting becomes relaxing.

What a great idea: enjoy an exhibition just before or even whilst boarding.  Paris Aéroport gives you this unique cultural and artistic opportunity with both its 250m2 of Espace Musées and across the terminals’ public areas.  Thanks to your boarding card, you have free access to all of the exhibitions, every day of the year, from the first to the last flight.  Charles de Gaulle’s Espace Musées at Terminal 2 exhibits works of art from Paris’ greatest museums whilst Orly’s and CDG’s other terminals showcase creativity and French heritage.

Exhibitions that must be seen when on your next business trip via Paris:

  • Voyages d’Explorateurs at Paris CDG’s Espace Musées in Terminal 2 – a selection of major works of art from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas, from the Musée du Quai Branly.  
  • Carte Blanche at Gate M of CDG’s Terminal 2E – extracts from Paris Photo Fair 2019. 
  • Léo Gaillard’s monumental mural in the landing gangway at Paris Orly Ouest Hall 1- highlights of masterpieces from the Louvre.
  • Ferrante Ferranti’s luminous photographs in the landing gangways at Terminal 2F – honoring Paris’ National Conservatory of Music and Dance. 

Kabuto’s choice

We would like to have a wander around Satellite 6’s corridors at CDG’s Terminal 1 and see the all-French exhibition, Une fenêtre sur Paris.  20 young French artists willing to share their intimate and personal vision of Paris, through their own eyes. Their unique and original realms, associated with today’s fashionably graphic and illustrative codes, allow us to dream of France’s beautiful capital.

And you? A traveler passionate about art and culture.  Let us know which exhibition tempts you the most? Or which one you would recommend?


* Bleisure?  A portmanteau word, a fusion of Business and Leisure, encouraging relaxation before, during or after business trips. 

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