Desperate Travelwives

Desperate Travelwives

No, no, the nomadic businessman that you are is not the forgotten element of the very trendy QWL concept (Quality of Working Life)! 

But let’s dig a little further … who should we really be thinking about?

Is your company concerned by the stress involved in your business trips?

Yes, today, companies are aware of the specific conditions involved with your profession.  Managing the stress generated by your business trips is an integral part of HR policies. It’s true, Travel Managers are constantly on the lookout for solutions to prevent problems related to the organization of your trips, as well as solitude, jet lag, sleep deprivation and occasional feelings of insecurity.  Amongst the solutions on offer to help you to relax when on a business trip, the notion of Bleisure Travel, heavily advocated by young business travelers, is becoming a real priority. Aware of your need to balance your personal and professional time during your business trips, employers are looking to put a framework around this concept of Bleisure.

The ally of your personal balance

Now let’s take a look at the personal side of things.  The one person who is perhaps forgotten when discussing a business traveler’s stress management is Madame :)) Your closest ally is obviously very present before your trip (Can you go to the laundry for me?  Where are my noise-canceling headphones? Who’s got my suitcase?). Yes, thanks to your queen of organization you take off serenely.

A smart solution for Desperate Travelwives

Be smart…if you too have tested apps that ease your business travels, share your stories with us.At Kabuto, we are also looking for smart solutions to ease everyday life for your better half. We’ve tested the PackR (made in France) and the PackPoint (made in USA) applications, for her – and for you.  These intelligent assistants prepare your suitcase checklist, taking into account destination, duration, weather, and activities planned during your trip (a gala evening, outdoor teambuilding, a rooftop drink, etc.).  Checklists are duplicable, editable and adjustable. You can save, share, and print them. It’s good to know that PackR and PackPoint have already prepared several million suitcases around the world.

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