Smart airports for happy travelers

Smart airports for happy travelers

There is a one in a thousand chance that you have a business trip planned in Singapore on November 12th and 13th, 2019. But if you do, you’re seriously lucky! During your bleisure hours, go and check out Asia Expo.

You will discover the latest innovations, from airports around the world, designed to enhance passengers’ journeys. So as to give you an insight, we have listed today’s best smart services. Small revolutions that combine artificial intelligence and robotics. Ideas that will certainly make traveling more enjoyable.

High-tech at the service of travelers

How can airports help the 4 billion travelers transiting each year through their infrastructures to relax? They’re constantly racking their brains to make their passengers’ journeys enjoyable from start to finish:
• airport access
• checking-in
• passage through customs
• security checks
• waiting time
• terminals’ access
• boarding

They think first and foremost about safety, speed, cleanliness, pleasure and the environment. They rely on the latest innovations in architecture, technological information, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Checking in, getting around and boarding with artificial intelligence

This year the Airports Council International handed out the first “ASQ Award” to Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, India. This ” Airport Service Quality” (ASQ) award distinguishes the airports that provide the best customer experience on departure and arrival.
At the top of the list of chosen services are those using artificial intelligence, and more specifically:

  • Facial recognition: In Bangalore, Atlanta and Dubai, the biometric boarding card already replaces e-tickets and passports. When you check in, you scan your passport. From then on, at each stage of your journey, an automaton makes the connection between your captured facial image and your biometric data. A guaranteed time saver!
  • Speech recognition: Heathrow Airport, near London, is connected to Amazon’s artificial intelligence system, Alexa. You simply need to say the magic word, “Heathrow”, followed by your flight number. Alexa will reply with the latest information concerning your flight. Airlines also make use of voice recognition. For example, just by saying “Hey Google, check me in for my flight”, United Airlines simplifies your check-in. For its part, Easyjet is soon to launch, on its mobile application, the service “Speak now” to facilitate the booking of flights.
  • Robots: In order to guarantee flawless passenger journeys, airports are gradually acquiring polyglot robots with various functions. Frankfurt’s Yape (Your Autonomous Pony Express) robot accompanies passengers to their boarding gate and even carries their carry-on luggage. Istanbul’s humanoid robot and Seoul’s Airstar inform you and guide you simply by reading the barcode on your boarding pass. In addition to guiding you, Josie Pepper from Munich ‘s Terminal 2 answers your questions about restaurants and shops. Airport life is finally becoming easier!

Future Travel Experience Expo 2019

What do the innovations of the future reserve for the great traveler that you are? It is, in Asia, at the largest exhibition ever dedicated to passenger experience that you can find out. The Future Travel Experience Expo 2019 is free and open to everyone. Register online and arrange your journey to the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center. If you don’t have the opportunity to go, the Kabuto team will be delighted to tell you more about the airports of tomorrow in a future Travel’n side article. Count on us ☺


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