The business travelers’ ‘Shape’ challenge

The business travelers’ ‘Shape’ challenge

Back-to-back business trips and all on Olympic form: hard going when we know how tough traveling can be on our bodies! Our worst enemy? Jetlag of course. What can we do to maintain our inner balance when the morning becomes the evening and vice versa? What can we do to keep slim when our dinner – a simple bowl of soup is replaced by fried noodles and lacquered duck? Concerned with the wellbeing of business travelers, the Kabuto team enlightens us on our biological rhythm and on the hygienic and dietary requirements necessary to stay fit and healthy.

Business trip, rythm’n food

Our body is dependent on our circadian rhythm, this 24-hour natural cycle that regulates a fair number of our biological and behavioural functions. That’s why jet lag is so disturbing for us. Whilst sleep is the primary function affected, did you know that inverting your circadian rhythm also makes you put on weight! Simply because we alter our regular meal times. Indeed, it has been scientifically proven that eating late, or at a totally different time increases our BMI (body mass index). In other words, we put on the pounds!
However jet lag isn’t the unique cause of our problems. Flights, meetings and after-work evenings are all circumstances that force us to alter our eating habits. “Meal trays” and “continental breakfasts” are not part of our staple diets. These variations in our diet can be the cause of digestive disorders and, once again, weight gain.

Stay in shape without changing shape

To ensure your physical and physiological balance whilst traveling, it’s necessary to respect your normal eating habits and live life like you do at home:

▪  Drink plenty of water whilst on the flight

▪  Take 2 apples or pears on board with you so as to help you resist snacking.

▪ Whilst on your business trip, look after your circadian cycle by enjoying three healthy meals per day:

▪ Keep to your usual eating habits as much as possible; Drink plenty of water throughout your working days and during your business dinners.

▪  Move! Take the stairs, walk, go for a jog, enjoy a fitness class or do a few lengths in the hotel pool

▪ Chill out: Start your day with a 3 minutes flat stomach massage, during the day isolate yourself, breathe deeply and concentrate on yourself, in the evening treat yourself to a relaxation session at the hotel spa

Special Ka…buto advice

The connection that we have with the food, the destination and the organization of each trip is so personal that basic hygiene and dietary rules are not always enough. Such thoughts make us think of Sarah Anderson, a former British stewardess nicknamed “the air nutritionist” – specialized in the accompaniment of frequent flyers.
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