Kabuto Smart Expandable Luggage: Making Travel Simple

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Secured payment

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Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

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Customer service

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We create the Kabuto luggage thinking of all the travel headaches we have encountered on our business trips. Meet the Kabuto’s amazing features to travel smarter.

Connected rear pocket

Charging removable back pocket

Connected clipping with magnets and USB-C socket Keep your valuables with you, and charged.

Expandle technology

Expandable technology

With our expandable system, you'll need 10s to get 50% more volume. Great for travelling longer!

Silent wheels

Silent wheels

To design our own wheels, we replicated a car wheel. Arrive at 1am in silence, without waking up your family.

Charge all devices

Charge all your devices

With the removable power-bank, charge up to four smartphones or 1/2 laptop (USB-A, USB-C and micro-USB)

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

All our luggage have a lifetime warranty. Contact us and we repair or replace your damaged luggage. 

Fingerprint unlock

Fingerprint lock

Security is our priority. No key no code no app, just your fingerprint (TSA approved) for our suitcases. 

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