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Kabuto's Story

Did you know that “KABUTO” is a foldable helmet used by ancient warriors in Japan?

We started KABUTO with two goals in mind: Superior travel experience & Sustainability. The luggage industry has come to a standstill. KABUTO’s removable back pocket will make you feel home between homes.

Accessing your valuables at any time during your journey and not only when you’ve arrived. You’ll never want to leave your luggage behind.

After seeing travelers pulling 3 wheeled luggage with broken handle, it was time to make a change. We can’t just throw away a broken luggage.

KABUTO luggage are expandable, you’ll need only one for 1-10 days trip. The handle is one of the toughest part, good luck breaking it. The wheels? Custom design with tires, if you ever break them, swap for a new one in a minute.

Our commitment, you’ll keep your KABUTO for a lifetime.

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