what works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts

Welcome to the KABUTO journey, 

Jérôme & Louis are two inventors who have been dreaming of making travel a stress-free journey. Whether it be riding an Uber, bike, scooter, or subway to the office, or travel abroad by train or even by plane anytime soon!

What's KABUTO®? It's not a Pokemon, I mean, yes it is… we already got this one! But also a retractable helmet used by Japanese samurai. You guessed it, our luggage are expandable.
KABUTO® has a wide range of smart, premium, and lifestyle luggage designed for urban and long-haul travelers by combining leisure and business.

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Jerome & Louis kicked off KABUTO by launching the 2 wheels carry-on, it feels so light & silent to carry around that you forget about it. Then comes the 4 wheels, which introduced a true revolution with its removable connected back pocket. It became the brand signature alongside the expandability.
Few months of brainstorming to rethink the brand and adapt it to the travelers of tomorrow to launch the Kabuto Trunk and the expandable backpack.

Your travel needs are changing, so do we. Nowadays, a piece of great luggage has to be modulable; you can be crossing the Atlantic or the country, either by plane, train or car. 

Jerome & Louis, Founders of KABUTO.



Jérôme Tricault

Jérôme Tricault

Co-Founder & CEO
Louis Develay

Louis Develay

Co-Founder & COO

With over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing business, we are focused on designing new and trendy luggage products with features that make traveling easy, comfortable and stylish.


Mobility is tricky, frequent flyers must change their way of travelling. Serenity is the key: that’s the motto of Kabuto.

Your life is a mission, make it flawless and grab a Kabuto.


All our collection is designed in France by Jerome and Louis.
Kabuto is a story of trust. From the making of the pieces to the sending of the orders. We work with selected partners in order to guarantee you unique custom made products.
Indeed our luggage are lifetime warranty: we are 100% confident of the quality.

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Join us. Your next adventure awaits.

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