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  • Expandable
  • 4 Silent Wheels
  • Fingerprint Secured
  • Removable Pocket
  • Device Charging
  • Lifetime Warranty

LIMITED EDITION - Only 3000 pieces, numbered 0001 to 2,999
Pre-Order now - Delivery October 2024

Buy one suitcase for 2 purposes, carry- and check-in

✔️ Design in collaboration with Thierry Henry
✔️ No app, no key, no code, just your fingerprint 

✔️ Leather trims on handle, rear pocket and shoe compartment.
✔️ High quality components assure you a hassle free travel, always and forever. This is how we can offer a lifetime warranty
✔️ Charge all your devices on the go
✔️ Removable leather back pocket to keep important stuff always with you

Product Dimensions

  • Normal size: 55x35x23cm • 22x14x9 in
  • Expanded size: 75x35x23cm • 30x14x9 in
  • Weight: 3,4 kg • 8 lbs

Battery Equipment Details

Smartphone battery

30W - 10,000mah

With USB-A, USB-C and micro-USB hubs

To recharge your smartphone up to 5 times

Removable battery slides conveniently into the front pocket, positioned to charge a device internally or externally through the integrated charging hub.

Matching Accessories

Our Kabuto® GALLIVANTER can match with the following accessories:

  • Rain Cover Kabuto® 4 Wheels
  • Add-a-Bag Strap
  • Travel Shoe Bag + Compression Bag
  • Luggage Tag
  • Luggage Scale
  • Power Bank 60Wh

Airline Compatibility

The non-extended suitcase is accepted in the cabin in the vast majority of airlines.

Shipping & Delivery

Orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Delivery in France by Colissimo 2-3 days, in Europe 4-5 days, and by DHL worldwide 4-10 days. For more details, we invite you to consult the Shipping & Delivery Policies.


Returns up to 100 days. For more details, we invite you to consult the Refund Policy.

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Fingerprint secured

Unlock Kabuto® GALLIVANTER with the touch of your finger. TSA-approved biometric sensor stores up to 10 fingerprints and unlocks faster than you can say, "Open sesame.".

Device charging

Refuel without hunting for an outlet or hunching by a wall. Choose between two, airline-approved batteries to recharge your laptop as you dash.

Light & Durable

Built to withstand the bruises of globetrotting and tested against the industry's highest standards — while a mere 3.4 kg / 8 lb.

Lifetime warranty

Kabuto's reinforced Makrolon® shell is fabricated using the finest polycarbonate money can buy, and engineered to withstand whatever life throws its way. If yours ever falls short, we'll make it right. Forever.

Snap-on case

Our Fidlock system securely holds up to 10 kg / 22 lb. Pack the front pocket or Kabuto® BACKPACK with your valuables safely secured on the Kabuto® TRUNK, or snap them off in a... snap.

Upright access

Access your wardrobe without fumbling on the floor. Innovative upright design enables access on the go and off of your knees.

4 Stealth wheels

Kabuto's wheels feature metal bearings and real tires for a tread that's nearly silent and a load that's all but weightless.

Unobtrusive top

Kabuto's handle flushly retracts to avoid snagging and forms a flat work surface perfect for knocking out that last-minute email before checking.

The wide handle holds your favorite jacket when you're on the move.

  • Secured Payments

  • Fast Worldwide Delivery

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Luggage

  • 24/7 Customer Service

KABUTO® brand


We offer a wide range of smart, premium and lifestyle luggage designed for urban and long-haul travelers by combining leisure and business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the wheels of our suitcases the quietest on the market?

Our bearings are the same as those used on electric skateboards. These are ultra-sophisticated high performance metal bearings, not plastic.

How does the TSA Lock and fingerprint work?

Security agents have a master key to open your luggage if necessary: ​​let TSA know that they have a master key and show the logo on the TSA-approved smart-lock.

Your Kabuto® was designed in accordance with FAA civil aviation regulations. The electronic lock is normally inactive and activates when you approach a finger to save battery power. You can safely open your baggage during a flight, as long as the “fasten your seat belt” sign is not illuminated.

What are the regulations for Smart luggage with battery?

The Kabuto suitcase uses a removable 32-watt lithium-ion battery, which is well below the 100-watt limit set by the FAA for Li-ion batteries. Like body scanners, medal detectors and controls Random bags are part of standard security practices at airports, you may be asked to open your suitcase. All you have to do is show the removable battery. The battery of the Kabuto® suitcase is removable and must be removed at check-in in order to comply with the latest airline regulations. Find all the standards in force on the official website of the airline. IATA (International Air Transport Association).

What is the compatibility with USB-C and laptop brands?

Our smart luggage is equipped with a USB-C socket. Typically, USB-C power delivery is found on high-end laptops and Ultra-Portables.

However, some laptop manufacturers seem reluctant to adopt this new standard. Here is a non-exhaustive review of the major brands:

- APPLE all models are equipped with a USB C power supply.

- ACER all Ultra-portables, except the first price. 15" PCs and high-performance laptops still use traditional coaxial power.

- HP All Ultra-portables. 15" PCs and high-performance laptops still use traditional coaxial power.

- CHROMEBOOK All models feature a USB C power supply

- DELL All Latitude and -CFor other brands, please refer to your laptop's instructions to check if it is powered by USB-C.

Why don't Kabuto suitcases have GPS?

According to a report published by SITA, the percentage of bags lost or delayed by airlines is on average 8 pieces per 1,000 passengers (if traveling by plane). Furthermore, more than 75% of bags were returned to their owners without any damage, and only 3% of these missing bags are ultimately reported lost or stolen... this means that only 0.24 pieces per 1000 passengers would need to be repaired. a GPS to locate their luggage (not forgetting that GPS coverage is not global, far from it). Kabuto® is mostly carry-on, which mainly means that you have it with you most of the time. time...For these reasons, we do not believe that GPS baggage tracking is the right solution at this time.

What does the Kabuto® lifetime warranty cover?

The Kabuto lifetime warranty covers the following elements:

- the polycarbonate shell

- telescopic handle,

- the upper handle containing the electronics (fingerprint opening system),

- the USB sockets,

- the TSA approved lock,

- the wheels (the tires can be replaced),

- the zippers.

- The battery warranty is 18 months.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

What is the difference between Kabuto® and Kabuto Lite?

The Kabuto® LITE is a suitcase in the same format as the “Smart” Kabuto. LITE models do not have batteries or a fingerprint opening system. However, a dedicated pocket inside the suitcase allows you to place your own external battery, you can then connect it to the cable that powers the USB A socket near the lock.